We are currently busy looking at trends.
While our web site is under construction, here is a little bit more on what we do and what we think.

Trends are people, social contexts, economies, companies in movement.
They are hard to get, tricky to understand, a challenge to share. But trends mean business. The earlier and, more importantly the better you get it, the smartest and the safest your move.


At TrendSpotting™, we think working on trends is a very rigorous task with potential huge impact. We think it does not only take a well exercised eye and a cool name to work on trends. We believe this is not about selling endless methodology sessions nor buzz words, however catchy they can be. At Trendspotting™, we do not guess trends; we detect, analyze and evaluate them for you and for your business.

Our approach is built on the following beliefs:

Market research is a precious tool but not the main value: our clients come to us for our relevant use of it. Our work, in-depth trend analysis, is the result of market research programs that we tailored for them worldwide.
Power Point presentations are passé and we do our best to stay away from them. Our deliverables - video reports, field trips, peer-to-peer meetings - are designed so you can easily but really understand and share the knowledge we've monitored and validated.
Each client could be our last one. For good reasons, we are focused on answering your needs and over-delivering “for your eyes only” inputs.

Turning facts into information and information into knowledge, TrendSpotting™ offers a hands-on approach to trends to bring you operational insights on the very marketing, societal, lifestyle trends and values that impact your business’s today and tomorrow.

Our work will give you deep-and-yet actionable insights into the new values and circumstances of your current and future customers, identify new business opportunities, assisting you to position your organization for the future.

Consider TrendSpotting™ as a partner of your own planning processes - to maintain relevancy, trigger fresh ideas and gain first mover advantage.

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For more information, please do not hesitate to contact:
Flore Vasseur: fvasseur@trendspotting.com

Tel: 33 (0)6 82 55 05 48